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ZM-80EZ4 Variable Displacement Plug-in Motor

ZM-80EZ4 inclined shaft plunger variable displacement plug-in motor can adjust the displacement steplessly within the given range of vgmin and vgmax, high operating pressure, high power density, and has good low speed characteristics and initial characteristics. Variable plug-in motor, comprehensive control method, can meet various application needs. Can be equipped with brake release valve, flushing valve and supplementary valve. The flushing supply valve is used to prevent overheating of the closed circuit and ensure the minimum supply pressure of the system.

Technical characteristics
Displacement plug-in motor
Variable plug-in motor
Pneumatic Blade Motor
Variable displacement motor with oblique shaft and axial conical plunger plug
It is easy to install and only needs to be inserted into the reducer (no need to consider the installation tolerance)
The mounting flange of the motor is designed in the middle of the housing (space-saving structure)
The displacement is adjustable between vgmax and vgmin
Output speed depends on pump flow and motor displacement
The torque increases as the pressure difference and the displacement between the high-pressure side and the low-pressure side increase
Application field
Widely used in coal mine machinery, underground machinery, road machinery, concrete machinery and other fields.

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